Replacing Your St. Pete Roof with Energy Efficient Materials

Energy Star Roofing Shingles

ENERGY STAR® is for roofs, too. An ENERGY STAR rated shingle can help make your home more comfortable and energy-efficient. These “cool” shingles reflect solar energy because the granules on the shingle help bounce the sun’s rays decreasing the amount of heat transferred into a home’s interior—and the amount of air conditioning needed to keep it comfortable. Actual savings will vary based on geographic location and individual building characteristics. ENERGY STAR rated shingles are required to have an initial solar reflectance index of 0.25 and a 3-year aged solar reflectance of 0.15.

Benefits of Cool Roofing

Saving on your energy bill

Reducing energy consumption by decreasing air conditioning needs.

Extend the life of your roof

By decreasing high roof temperatures, you can extend the life of your home’s roof.

Help keep non-air conditioned parts of your home cooler

Cool roofs can improve space comfort in places like garages or covered patios.

Play your part in the community

Having a cool roof on your home will make your neighbors want one! In communities where many homes have installed energy efficient roofing materials, local air temperatures can be reduced and peak electricity demand can be reduced!

Standard or dark roofs can reach temperatures of 150°F or more in the summer sun. A cool roof under the same conditions could stay more than 50°F cooler and save energyy and money by using less air conditioning.

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