Working with energy utilities can be a complex and sometimes frustrating experience.

However, it’s a way of life for most Americans. When you enter a property, whether it’s your own home or a rental, you sign up for electrical service, and the utility company sets up a contract with you.

These types of contracts are pretty unique in American municipal life. First, there’s usually never any competition, because utilities are set up by the state. There’s a board you can go to in order to address any grievances, but you can’t really vote with your wallet in the sense that you don’t have a number of options to choose from.

Now, however, new advances in solar energy technology mean that consumers and households can actually take a quite radical step of renovating these contracts entirely – in their favor! Mitchell Solar Solutions can help households to make these important changes.

What It Means to Become Your Own Power Company

There’s a little more to it than this, but here’s the idea in a nutshell – because of the cost-effective nature of solar electricity, the availability of solar panels and companies that will come to your home and set up local energy generation, a household has the opportunity to invest in solar infrastructure on-site, harvest the energy of the sun for their own purposes, and even sell the extra energy back to the grid.

This is exciting to homeowners and others who have grappled with the following types of scenarios:

  • Price gouging by electrical utilities
  • Grievances about billing or insufficient service
  • Widespread power outages
  • Distrust of the electrical grid in general
  • Perceived deceptive or unfair sales or marketing practices by utilities or third parties
  • Rudeness of utility staffing communications

When you’re upset or unhappy with a utility for any reason, becoming your own energy provider sounds like a pretty good option! Talk to Mitchell Solar Solutions about how that works.

Getting Your Own Solar Project Set Up

Is it really easy to become your own power company?

Arguably, it’s one of the easier things that you might have to invest in over the course of your ownership of a property.

In addition to all of those one-time costs of renovating properties, electrical bills are constant. They generate charges every month. Also, if you look at your bill, in addition to actual generation and service fees, all sorts of extras are tacked on, which can make the common bill for a larger sized property upwards of several hundred dollars a month.

Customers can try to source solar energy through the grid, but putting solar panels on a property puts them in the driver seat.

At Mitchell Solar Solutions LLC, we deal with solar energy installations and upgrades as well as AC/HVAC repairs, hybrid and tankless water heaters, and radiant heat barrier insulation. We understand that weatherizing a property for energy efficiency can be connected to providing the right energy sources for that property. We bring a holistic approach to property management, and we enjoy consulting with property owners to figure out the best solutions for their particular needs.