If there’s one thing the Sunshine State has plenty of, it’s solar energy. Florida receives close to 3000 hours of sunlight a year. With an abundance of rays, it makes sense to invest in this valuable natural resource. It’s no wonder that many residents of this great state have already started down the easy road towards saving time and money with upgrades to their homes. Through innovative methods available for tapping into environmentally-friendly solutions, many have discovered that not only are their electric bills significantly lower during the off seasons, but that their homes feel more comfortable, as well.

Investing in Your House

Though solar panels may seem like a wise and even necessary purchase, that isn’t the only thing you can do to keep your household functioning optimally. Many people don’t know that here at Mitchell Solar Solutions LLC, you can also get a unique color of roofing for your house that can keep your home cooler in the summer months. Though usually, the shingles are either black or dark, your roof can be fitted with a much lighter hue that can keep the top of your house from getting too hot. Especially for rooms which do not receive as much air conditioning, it can keep the space comfortable regardless of the season.

Another investment to your home is through tankless or hybrid water heaters. At Mitchell Solar Solutions LLC, we understand the importance of having modern appliances for modern homes. Through the use of tankless water heaters, you only heat the water as you use it. This conveniently allows you to use up to 50% less energy to keep your showers hot. With hybrid heaters, they work much like the concept of your refrigerator, except it takes the heat from outside of the tank and moves it to warm up the water internally. Your hybrid water heater can be almost twice as efficient as standard tanks.

The Cost of a Wise Investment

It can be quite easy for you to save copious amounts of money down the road with these upgrades. Through heat barriers and AC upgrades available here at Mitchell Solar Solutions LLC, we offer a variety of ways to benefit your home. However, the fact that you can also enjoy a tax credit makes it sound almost too good to be true! With zero money down and a free evaluation, it is simple to find out what you need to start renovating your home. Just check out what we have to offer and we will be happy to talk you through the process.