Modern homeowners are on a never-ending search for eco-friendly solutions to use in their residence. This noticeable shift to eco-conscious building solutions has led to a spike in the number of homes that have solar panels on them. A recent study found that over 12 million homes in the United States are using solar power. 

The main reason why more American homeowners haven’t embraced solar power is due to the vast number of misconceptions floating around. Rather than buying into these misconceptions and missing your chance to join the green power revolution, it is time to learn the truth. These are some of the most common misconceptions about residential solar energy and the truth behind them. 

Solar Panels Can Only Be Used in Warmer Climates

Perhaps the most prevalent misconception about solar energy is that the panels needed to provide this power source can only thrive in warmer climates. The reason why this is false is solar panels harness the energy of the sun and not the temperatures it produces. This means that solar panels can work in any climate

In most cases, homes in colder climate areas will consume lots of traditional energy. This energy is typically consumed by the heating system a home has in place. By installing residential solar panels, a homeowner can offset the energy costs they have. Before choosing a solar system to install, you need to consider with experienced professionals. A solar panel installation professional can help you choose the right system and get it installed in a timely manner. If getting solar panels installed on your home is something you are interested in, Mitchell Solar Solutions, LLC. is here to help. 

A Residential Solar Power System is Too Expensive

Living on a tight budget is something most homeowners have to do. Without a firm budget set in place, it is only a matter of time before you experience financial hardship. Some homeowners believe that solar power systems are just too expensive. In reality, modern systems are both affordable and extremely effective. 

The money you spend on a residential solar power system will pay off considering the energy savings it will provide. The team at Mitchell Solar Solutions, LLC. can provide you with a great deal on your solar power system. With our help, you can make your home environmentally-friendly while saving money at the same time. 

You Need Constant Sunlight to Power Your Home

Another common misconception about solar panels is that they require constant sunlight to produce energy. Modern solar systems have a number of batteries attached to them. These batteries store the energy received by the sun. When there is no sun, these backups will provide the energy needed to power your home. Allowing professionals to maintain your solar system and the batteries it has is crucial when trying to keep it running efficiently. 

It’s Time to Embrace Solar Power

As you can see, investing in a residential solar power system is a fantastic idea. Contact Mitchell Solar Solutions, LLC to find out more about the services we provide.