Are you interested in solar?

If so, you’re not alone. People are getting interested in solar energy all over the world. Masses of people are jumping on the bandwagon to take advantage of the key benefits of renewable energy, in a time when the price of oil is cratering, and world authorities are looking with horror at global warming projections.

This is really a common-sense time to get involved in solar energy. It’s not just that the alternatives are so bad. It’s also that solar energy has become so cost-effective and accessible, compared to where we were just five or ten years ago. With the right practical setups, many households and small businesses can move to solar – for big savings! At Mitchell Solar Solutions LLC, we’re excited about this, too. 

Considerations for Solar Energy

Some of the things you need to think about when installing solar energy installations relate to practical usage and how to optimize the amount of power that you get.

Placing solar arrays in full sun areas nets you a lot more kilowatt-hours over a year, and if you have excess electricity, you can often sell it back to the grid. Florida is a sunny state, and many communities around St. Petersburg are well-positioned to take advantage of solar arrays. You also want to check on the longevity of your solar system – how long you can expect it to last and provide you with green energy in the field. Mitchell Solar Solutions can help you to figure out all of these considerations. 

Green Power for Green Cars

Automakers are pivoting to producing fully electric vehicles for the 21st century. That’s great, but if the electrical grid still runs off of coal or oil or natural gas, you’re still not using renewable energy for transport.

By contrast, as we move beyond natural gas as a bridge fuel into solar, hydro, and wind, solar power will eventually become a dominant power source for vehicles on the road. That’s going to really spur the adoption of electric vehicles because the underlying proposition is that you can travel without a significant carbon footprint.

Aside from all this, big tech companies like Amazon and other blue-chip firms are setting up their own massive solar arrays to cash in on something that actively promotes good ecology and the survival of humankind. Ask Mitchell Solar Solutions about getting a solar setup in place at your property – we help clients around St. Petersburg and go as far afield as Pinellas, Hillsborough, Pasco, Manatee, and Sarasota counties to help install solar that works! If you’re interested, give us a call.