Amid the August heat, homeowners everywhere are using their air conditioning to find relief. Unfortunately, this also means that many are struggling with an increase in their electric bill. With a few changes, you can find a reduction in your electric bill – even outside the summer heat. Here are several tips on how you can conserve energy this summer:

Change the Filter in Your Air Conditioner

The air filter in your air conditioner gets filled with dirt, dust, and other pollutants from the outside, which can inhibit your air conditioner from cooling properly. When your air conditioner works harder to cool your room down, it won’t work as efficiently and can increase your electric bill. Make sure to change your filter regularly; ideally, change it every three months. You will want to change it more often if you have a pet. If you are still uncertain about your air conditioner’s efficiency, contact Mitchell Solar Solutions, and we can help you upgrade your air conditioning, which will reduce your energy consumption and save you money.

Cool down with the proper landscape.

The right type of trees and shrubs planted around your home can provide you extra shade and reduce the amount heat coming into your home. Plant native trees around your house that get the most heat; however, avoid planting trees in areas that could block any solar panels. Your solar panels need full sunlight.

Reduce appliance usage.

Appliances in your home, such as the stove, washer, dryer, and dishwasher, take up a great deal of energy in your home. If you can’t upgrade to energy-efficient models, consider reducing the amount you use these appliances throughout the summer. Consider cooking outdoors or making meals that don’t require much heating at all. Wash dishes by hand and hang dry laundry. Taking steps like this can make a great deal of difference in your energy costs.

Install solar panels.

The summer is the perfect time to install a solar panel system. By producing your own energy from the sunshine, you can stay cool all season without increasing your electric bill. Although the initial costs can be expensive, you will experience a significant reduction in your electric bill. If you live with plenty of sunshine all year long, then you will especially experience the benefits of solar panels.

The summertime can be very hard on your electric bill, especially if you have a low tolerance for the heat. With these tips, you can conserve your home’s energy and reduce your electric bill. Reach out to us at Mitchell Solar Solutions for information about how we can help you install solar panels onto your home and other energy efficiency needs.