The typical residential HVAC unit accounts for around 12% of a homeowner’s annual energy expenditures. As a homeowner, you need to focus on reducing monthly operating expenses. This includes finding ways to reduce the amount of energy your home uses. If you want to uncover sources of energy waste in your residence, then performing an energy audit is crucial. 

If your existing HVAC unit is over ten years old, chances are it is wasting a lot of energy. Replacing this outdated HVAC unit with a modern energy-efficient model is a great way to get a handle on energy consumption issues. Read below for some reasons why you need to invest in a new HVAC system. 

Keeping Your Home Comfortable

Many homeowners take coming home to a cool home for granted. During the dog days of summer, your HVAC unit will be put through the paces. If the unit in question is not able to keep up with the rising demand for cool air during this time of year, you will be exposed to very uncomfortable indoor temperatures. Instead of dealing with these issues over and over again, you need to address this problem immediately. 

With the addition of a new HVAC unit, you can get the unlimited supply of cool air you need to beat the heat. With the help of the team at Mitchell Solar Solutions LLC, you can find the right unit to put in your home. Once the right unit has been selected, our team will begin the installation process. 

The Price of Endless HVAC Repairs is High

Budget-conscious homeowners typically shudder at the thought of installing a new HVAC unit. If the existing HVAC unit you have in place is constantly broken, you will spend a lot of money getting it repaired. As time goes by, the money you spend repairing an outdated unit will start to add up. 

If you are dealing with an HVAC unit that gets more unreliable with each passing year, it is time for a new one. For most homeowners, the initial price of installing a new unit seems high. However, the long-term savings an energy-efficient unit will provide makes them well worth the money. 

Get Rid of Problems Caused By Improper HVAC Unit Installation

If the HVAC unit in your home was there before you moved in, it will be hard to tell if it was installed right initially. In most cases, units that are improperly installed will give a homeowner nothing but problems. If you are on a first-name basis with your HVAC technician, it is probably time to entertain the idea of getting a new unit. 

Getting your new HVAC unit properly installed will require the help of Mitchell Solar Solutions LLC. Our team will work hard to get your new unit installed quickly and correctly. 

Are You In The Market For a New HVAC Unit?

If your existing HVAC unit gives you nothing but trouble, it is time to contact Mitchell Solar Solutions LLC.