Finding The Best Solar Company Near Me

You decided you want to upgrade your home with a solar panel system…great! But now what? If you want a high-quality solar installation, which you definitely do, you first need to find a high-quality solar installation company! While it’s pretty easy to find a large national scale solar company, there are many benefits to choosing a local installer. These benefits include:

Strong Customer Service

When you are working with a smaller local company, they have less clients. This means they have much more time to provide you with more one-on-one customer service. Also, local companies strongly rely on word of mouth marketing. This means they are extra dedicated to making your experience great.


On average, hiring a large-scale company costs about $2,300 more for solar installation. They know they are the popular choice, and can charge accordingly.

Quality Work

Smaller local companies are likely to have a smaller team of employees and don’t contract out. This means the employees are held accountable by the company owner and the same employees who start the job, finish the job. Now that you know why you should be seeking a local company, we can get to the big question…

How Do I Find The Best Solar Companies Near Me?

Word of Mouth

Ask around! Do your neighbors have solar panels installed? If so, don’t be afraid to ask them what company they used and what their experience was! Use social media to your advantage and reach out to people in the area who also went with a local company.
Check Online Reviews
If you got any leads from your friends, go ahead and google the company names! Check out the reviews online. There are plenty of online review sites where people posted about their experience with a company, both good and bad.

Request Quotes

Once you have found a few companies who have your interest, contact them! A lot of times you will meet with a company and know right away that they aren’t the company for you. But a lot of times the opposite happens and you feel comfortable hiring them right after going over the quote!

Talk to Other Professionals

Do you have a go-to electrician or plumber? A lot of local professionals are in connection with other local professionals and can refer you to a great company!

It’s important to find a company that is professional, understands your wants and needs, and offers premium services. Request a quote from us today to see why we are the best solar company for you!