Many home and business owners are doing their part to become more “environmentally-conscious” as we continue to learn more about how our energy consumption affects our planet. Fortunately, more and more people are warming up to the idea of solar energy and choosing to switch to this green energy for many reasons other than saving the environment. If you wonder why solar energy is becoming a popular choice for home and business owners, we have some surprising reasons why making the switch may be in your best interest. 

Saving Green

Many people do not realize the amount of money that they spend on electricity. We simply assume it is part of the price of living, yet we oftentimes fail to compare other options. Solar energy can save you money on your electric bill even if you do not go completely “off the grid.”  Homeowners can choose to what extent they would like to decrease their electricity consumption by selecting a range of solar options. From back up, storage options to entire home systems, solar can make a big difference in your monthly bills. 

Going Green 

Saving money and saving the planet simultaneously, solar energy is a kinder approach to powering our life on Earth. We all are stewards of our world, and we can make decisions that help her or harm her. Installing solar panels is one of the easiest and most significant ways home and business owners can protect our environment. Installing solar panels reduces the carbon emissions that our homes and businesses release into the atmosphere, promoting sustainable energy production.

Tax Benefits

Not only does solar panel energy help you reduce your electric bill, but it can also provide other forms of financial relief. Home and business owners can qualify for federal tax credit just by switching to solar energy. The federal government sets the amount of solar tax credit you can receive; your accountant should assist you in finding out how much solar could save you in tax incentives. 

FreedomBecoming less and less dependent on other forms of electricity production equals more freedom for home and business owners. Powering your energy needs with the sun and technology releases you from the grip of big energy control. At Mitchell Solar Solutions LLC., we pride ourselves on providing the most advance solar systems on the market today. We realize how much freedom home and business owners gain from installing our solar products, and we work hard to ensure that our systems perform their best for our customers. If you are interested in finding out how solar energy can work for your needs, contact Mitchell Solar Solutions LLC today!