At Mitchell Solar Solutions LLC, we are involved every day in helping our customers to access and take advantage of some of the best modernizations that they will ever invest in for their homes and properties.

Solar is a technology of its time – and it really showcases the power of decentralizing energy services, at a time when this kind of innovation is needed the most!

Be Your Own Power Company

One of the most direct and immediate benefits of installing solar on a property is that you immediately become a net producer, instead of a consumer of energy.

Many households can end up selling energy back to the grid, but even if they don’t, they’re saving tons of money by implementing solar. The energy doesn’t have to be generated elsewhere and piped into the local area. It’s provided naturally at the point of origination. When you look at the nuts and bolts of solar installations, you see that the initial cost of installation pays for itself quickly over time, because your cost for harvesting technology is nearly zero. Compare that with the high monthly bills that many households get from utility providers that have to generate energy far away and deliver it through aging infrastructure to thousands and thousands of destinations.

Sustainability and the 21st Century

As we continue to use outdated and obsolete energy systems, most of us can see that our current grids are unsustainable.

It’s not just that so many of them run on fossil fuels – although that’s an enormous problem for ourselves and for the environment. There’s also the obsolescence of the grid itself, and the pressures that are put on it with increasing seasonal storms, hotter weather and other climate and societal changes. Electrical brown-outs become more of the norm in many communities, and people wonder: just how many years do these systems have left?

That makes solar an even more valuable innovation, because again, it cuts the property off from what you might call the energy ‘umbilical cord.’

Think of it this way – if that lineman doesn’t get up and go to work in the morning, your traditional household is going to be cut off from power. That means nothing to run your refrigerator, your furnace, your laptop or your lights.

However, if you’re on solar, your household keeps humming along well. With modern energy monitoring tools, you can choose what you use until you develop the energy needs that you deploy all over the building. But there’s no disruption. That’s the power of on-site sustainability!

Mitchell Solar Solutions can help.

As we work our way past outdated traditional systems, it’s likely that more decentralization is going to happen. We’ll find ways to replace antiquated utilities systems with agile deployment in a neighborhood. We’ve already done it with landline phones and things like that, and it’s coming to your community. Let Mitchell Solar Solutions help you to get ahead of the ball.