Let’s talk a little bit about GAF roofing.

At Mitchell Solar Solutions, we use GAF solar panels to equip homes with a new way to harvest energy. Innovative solar means having a deep understanding of the biggest trends in new technology and applications to residential and commercial buildings. We have invested in putting together best-in-class systems for customers.

With that in mind, here are a few things to know about GAF and its contribution to the solar energy industry. This will tell you more about why we use GAF products.

The GAF Track Record

First of all, GAF is the largest roofing supplier of its kind. With $3 billion in annual revenue and over 3700 employees, this company is well known and a familiar name in roofing. Experts estimate that one in four American homes are built with GAF products.

Built To Last

When it comes to roof protection, GAF solar panels fit the bill. As a broad-spectrum roofing supplier, GAF also supplies shingles, leak barriers, coatings and membranes and other roofing products. So the company has designed its DecoTech solar panel designs to fit into that central concept of long-term durability and protection for the roof envelope. Combine that with the skill and experience of our technician teams and our reputation for solar installs, and you’re clearly in good hands!

Low-Profile Design

Another thing that many of our customers like about the GAF solar panels is their low profile build. This makes it easy to install these additions without changing the curb appeal of a property in a significant way, or making solar projects look tacked on. We know that when we install solar panels, it matters what the result looks like.

We also utilize GAF solar panels at Mitchell Solar Solutions because we understand the benefits of using these warrantied products to help our customers save and keep the environment greener. You can read more about applicable warranties on DecoTech systems to get peace of mind about the money you are putting into exciting solar additions.

In terms of energy savings, compare GAF solar panel installations to rack-mounted systems for long-term estimates of energy savings and conservation.

Here at Mitchell Solar Solutions, we strive to offer a range of services for our customers including insulation, tankless and hybrid water heaters and much more for going green or for the years ahead. Our techs will answer all of your questions, and with our commitment to customer service and quality, you’ll get the real deal when it comes to new solar installations.