Here at Mitchell Solar Solutions, we are excited to be a part of the solar revolution.

It comprises a significant part of our business, and it also complements some of the other roofing work that we do on a regular basis.

But it’s exciting because it’s a product of its times, and people are starting to set up and take notice!

The Sea Change to Solar

Ten years ago or so, when you walked around your neighborhood, you weren’t likely to see even one local roof covered by solar panels.

Today, you might see one, two or three, or more. And there are more and more signing on every year.

The idea that you can simply collect free electricity from the sun and sell it back to the grid is just too enticing for most people to ignore!

Then, also, their kids, who are going to school and learning about science, will be telling mom and dad ‘hey, it’s time to get on the solar bandwagon.’

Myths about Solar

You can see some of the misconceptions that keep people from taking the plunge at our website – and then you can see the reality. 

One myth is that people feel like only homeowners can utilize solar. That’s not true, and we talk about solar community alternative designs on the site; we have specific knowledge and experience there. We also know how to secure the tax credits and everything else, which you can read about in depth here too. 

Why Governments Give Incentives

Let’s also talk a little bit about this, briefly. Why do governments give incentives for solar?

They’re not doing it just to be nice. They’re not trying to just give you a handout. They’re doing it because solar benefits the entire community, and they’re trying to incentivize the best possible outcomes. Talk to any expert, and they’ll tell you the same thing – they’ll suggest that you look into this type of renovation.

Renovation in the sense that it’s making something new. Yes, you can create a new island in your kitchen, or renovate your bathroom to look cooler, but solar is a real disrupter and something that’s quickly coming down the pike.

So be part of that, and we’ll help you to do that with practical consulting. We’ll take a look at your property and help figure out, for example, how trees and vegetation need to interact with your solar environment, and what it looks like logistically to get the necessary number of panels mounted and installed.

That pre-planning and design is a key part of getting projects done correctly and maximizing your output as well as your overall benefits.

Let us help you to figure out a game plan for using the natural energy of the sun to your own advantage.