Are you tired of relying on traditional fossil fuels for your home energy needs? If so, you need to seek out an eco-friendly alternative. Perhaps the best way to take control of your residential power solution is by investing in roof-mounted solar panels

Every year, homes and commercial buildings in the United States generate over 49 million megawatt hours of electricity. If you are ready to embrace the solar power revolution with the help of Mitchell Solar Solutions LLC, it is time to get your residential roof ready. 

Assessing the condition that your roof is in can help you avoid problems during the solar panel installation process. Here are some things you need to look at before having solar panels installed on your existing roof. 

Take Stock of How Your Roof Looks

The first step in getting an assessment of your roof is giving it a thorough inspection. With a visual inspection, you can get an idea of whether your roof is ready for solar panel installation. When performing this inspection, be sure to consider some of the following factors. 

How Old is Your Roof?

The average shingle roof will last around 20 years. The older a roof gets, the more problems a homeowner will ultimately encounter. If your roof is over ten years old, you will probably have to do some work before putting solar panels on it. 

Roofs that are nearing the end of their lives should be replaced before solar panels are installed. By replacing your older roof before solar panel installation, you can avoid serious repair issues in the future. 

Are There Potential Obstacles? 

Most homeowners fail to realize that roof-mounted solar panels must be laid down in straight rows. Completing solar panel installation can be difficult if there are a number of dormers or vents on a roof. Figuring out how to get around these obstacles will be much easier with the help of a reputable company like Mitchell Solar Solutions LLC.

Make Note of Any Roof Problems

During your roof inspection, you need to take note of any problems that might be present. A compromised residential roof will have issues like:

  • The presence of dark spots
  • Damaged trusses and rafters
  • Mildew
  • Stains on walls or in the attic

Before you can get new solar panels installed, you will have to fix these issues. In some cases, the only way to rid your roof of these problems is by having it completely replaced. 

Consider The Amount of Shade Your Roof Gets

Did you realize that shade from other homes or trees can reduce the energy production of solar panels? This is why you need to assess how much shade your roof gets before installing these panels. If trees around your home provide too much shade, then you may have to trim them back. Doing this will provide your solar panels with the sunlight they need to work properly. 

By checking the elements mentioned above, you can ensure your roof is ready for solar panel installation. With the help of Mitchell Solar Solutions LLC, you can get your new solar panels installed the right way.