We are seeing exciting things in solar design these days. As a top-tier installer of professional-grade solar designs, Mitchell Solar Solutions LLC helps property owners to get more out of their involvement in renewables and the green energy revolution. We have the expertise and industry knowledge to help you to position yourself for savings and more.

We’ve been seeing news around some of these dramatic improvements in solar technology over the beginning of 2021.


This acronym stands for “building-integrated photovoltaics.” What that essentially means is that engineers and scientists are finding new ways to integrate and assimilate solar technology into buildings. It’s a significant component of that ‘smart cities’ phenomenon where new technologies get built into infrastructure. It also relates to what we do, which is the business and residential installation of solar systems. BUPV solutions are manifestations of the power of solar to change our lives, and it’s an exciting part of what is happening right now, as we are keeping up on many of these solar trends.

Solar Skins and Thin Film Solar Solutions

Companies are also experimenting with certain types of thin film solar technology that can help make solar panels and solar cells more versatile.

When you look at some of the articles around these new types of processes, you see how these solar skins can effectively hide the solar technology from view by camouflaging it into what it’s installed in or on. You can see, for example, that thin film solar can be designed to mimic a rooftop or a green space, or business logos or signage or whatever else is part of the view.

This is exciting for business, but it’s really exciting for everyone who is investing in solar technologies, because it’s going to continue to drive innovation in the sector.


Our devices and electronic gear are becoming smaller and smaller. Solar is increasingly a part of that, too. Pretty soon we’ll be able to do away with resource-hungry and difficult to recycle traditional nickel batteries, or even lithium ion batteries that require labor-intensive lithium mining.

Small solar applications built into many devices paint another picture of how the future is going to run on clean renewable energy.

We are the experts in residential and business solar installation. Mitchell Solar Solutions LLC will help you to brainstorm applications for your property and plan for an effective solar project. Ask us about how to get your property hooked up to the life-giving power of the sun.